8 Compelling Reasons to pursue an MBA in WEC May 09, 2023

A Master of Business Administration, (aka MBA), is not just a current trend:  its cost, its high demand, and high access requirements, but why should one opt for an MBA?

The different benefits of an MBA over another program, especially when it comes to a business school or university, with a recognized reputation, can be:

  1. Higher-income for the professional 

The average salary of an MBA graduate after completing a business management course is considerably higher than that of an employee with an average qualification from other master's degrees. According to numerous statistics, average salaries for MBA graduates start at $ 50,000 per year (in government or non-profit institutions) to $ 120,000 (in consulting or finance), that is, almost double what can be earned with a regular college degree. In this case, in 2-3 years, the investment made in an MBA education can be amortized.

  1. Management Skills

The knowledge imparted in an MBA program extends to the development of the candidates' management skills, with essential elements to deal with situations related to management and problem-solving in real-time, and prepared for not only a managerial role but also for the main responsibilities of the organization.

  1. Better opportunities for professional development

Graduates of an MBA program have, because of their qualifications, a greater chance of obtaining and maintaining a senior management position. It is estimated that 70% of MBA graduates worldwide are senior managers or directors.

  1. Job Stability

MBA isn't just a degree: it is an incredible program that offers an exquisite combination of wonderful courses to handle complex business situations, which in turn increases the sustainability of the workplace in the company.  The demand for MBAs has remained high even during the recent global economic downturn during Covid-19.

  1. Consolidation of the network of contacts

As an MBA student, you get great networking opportunities by interacting in a relevant way with colleagues (future high-level managers) and professors (usually powerful business professionals with extensive experience). Social networks during the MBA academic period help to establish business contacts and referrals.

  1. New skills and the acquisition of knowledge

After working for an organization, graduates often find themselves adapting to a certain repetitiveness and becoming stuck in a comfort zone. Studying a Master in Business Administration forces you to step out of your comfort zone, presents the most current topics, teaches you to apply the latest management techniques and constantly tests practices and approaches. And when you step out of your comfort zone, you will see a plethora of channels that push you to continually improve.

  1. A holistic perspective on the business world

By studying an MBA, you become part of a large network of professionals and companies that will face new problems in various economic sectors that contribute ideas in a synergistic and reciprocal way. Whether you know or not but the leadership qualities and special skills taught in these types of programs provide a competitive advantage over other professionals. Most of the major business organizations prefer to hire MBAs for senior management positions.

  1. Entrepreneurship

A good MBA program helps you become good business savvy, serving as an enabler to become an independent entrepreneur and achieve success with your own business.

If you are the type of person who can handle the challenge of maintaining a leadership position, having a lot of responsibility, and being in a constant learning and development cycle, then you are undoubtedly an ideal candidate for an MBA.

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