This Fashion Marketing and Management master’s degree will investigate consumer behaviour, consumption, ethics in fashion and sustainability, among other trending topics.

You’ll be taught about marketing theory and practice, learning about marketing tools such as social and digital advertising, Artificial Intelligence (AI), omni-channel communication, content marketing and multi-sensory marketing.

Lecturers bring the workplace to the classroom, teaching you the academic fundamentals as well as real life skills through key models, concepts and tools. We regularly have guest speakers from the industry come and speak about working in the fashion business, current trends and issues, plus share their expertise with you.

 This course to give graduates a broad understanding of the latest developments, contemporary issues and industry trends.

This course is suitable if you’re looking to start out in the fashion business, or if you’re already in the industry and looking to progress into senior roles. At London Met, we place a huge emphasis on applying theory to practical scenarios and giving you the skills you need to succeed in the working world.

Learning outcome

  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of the fashion industry, including its history, evolution, current trends, and future forecasts, understanding the dynamics of fashion and luxury markets.
  • Acquire essential business and management skills specific to the fashion and luxury sectors, including strategic planning, marketing, finance, operations, and supply chain management
  • Learn about retail operations, merchandising strategies, and distribution channels specific to fashion and luxury products, including store management and e-commerce.
  • Analyze consumer behavior and preferences within the fashion and luxury segments.
  • Learn using market research and data analysis to identify trends and anticipate consumer demands.



Course Details

Course Module

  • Contemporary Lifestyle Management
  • Emerging Technologies in Luxury and Fashion
  • Fashion and Luxury Supply Chains
  • Innovation, Trends and Design Thinking 
  • Marketing for Fashion and Luxury Brands 
  • Retail management in luxury and fashion 
  • Research methods and skills 
  • Research Project

Entry Requirements

You'll be required to have:

  • a minimum of a lower second-class (2.2) honours degree in a broadly related degree such as marketing, management, psychology, international business strategy (or equivalent international qualification).
  • an IELTs score of 6.0 as standard.

If your degree is outside of these subjects, you may still be considered.

For mature applicants without a degree you may be considered on merit of 2+ years appropriate work experience and other professional development or professional qualifications.

Applicants from more diverse backgrounds and/or work experience are encouraged to send their CV for consideration.


Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded 

  • MSc Fashion, Apparel and Luxury Management by London Metropolitan University, UK - NEXT Education.

Progression Pathway

Upon completing an MSc in Fashion, Apparel, and Luxury Management, graduates navigate an exciting progression pathway within the glamorous realms of fashion and luxury. Many step into coveted roles such as brand managers, fashion buyers, or retail strategists for high-end labels, leveraging their strategic insights. Some delve into sustainable fashion, driving positive change within the industry.

Entrepreneurially inclined individuals may launch their fashion ventures, while others explore digital marketing or e-commerce, adapting to the ever-evolving landscape. Networking at fashion events and collaborating with industry leaders becomes integral, shaping a multifaceted career that seamlessly integrates creativity, management, and a deep understanding of the luxury market.


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